Top 18″ Rigging Sheave

The SI 18’’ Top Rigging Sheave is supplied with the SI clevis swivel and cable retention guides. The sheaves were designed to use common parts, thus reducing spare parts costs and inventory requirements. The sheaves are available for line diameters of 7/32’’ to 5/16’’.

Additional information

Sheave Data

Assembly Proof Load

Design Ultimate Load

Safe Line Tension for 180 Degrees Deflection

Maximum Bearing Load

Manufacturing Requirements

• Machined under strict ISO 9001:2008 standards
• 100% inspection performed
• All material certification, inspection data, and conformance certifications are kept on file for 5 years
• Synergy Industries promotes 100% serialized component traceability

API Standards

• Synergy Industries is API Q1 certified, has been licensed by the American Petroleum Institute to manufacture sheaves under API specifications 8C.
• Synergy Industries also produces sheaves to the requirements of API 2C.
• API sheaves must meet the criteria established by the American Petroleum Institute for drilling and production hoisting equipment.

API SC Requirements

• Databook
• Material certs and traceability
• D/d ratio per API RP9B
• UT of full penetration weld
• 30° groove angle. Groove depth a minimum 1.33 d and maximum 1.75 d, where d=nominal rope diameter
• Manufactured by an API 8C licensed facility
• Specific groove radius
• Can be furnished to API 8C PSL1 or PSL2

API 2C Requirements

• Material certs and traceability
• D/d ratio 18/1 or greater, based on pitch diameter
• At least 30° groove angle
• Specific groove radius

Download SI-RiggingSheave-Top Data Sheet


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