Crane Logger

Our units have a multitude of options to meet your operational needs. We can manufacture your logging unit on any chassis you choose from Peterbuilt, Kenworth, International or MAC to name a few.

Logging speeds are variable from as low as 4-100 fpm for logging and from 600-800 fpm for rapid retrieval of downhole tools. Custom logging speeds can be provided based on customer’s operational needs.

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About Our Trucks

Cabin designs are all customer selected from layout to wall color and material. Custom cabinetry and counter-tops are designed to meet our customers’ expectations. Our units come standard with ruggedized coffee makers, microwaves and optional refrigerators.

Cabin Specifications

• 2”x 2”x 1/8” & 2”x 2”x 1⁄4” channels
• Walls/Ceilings: 2” foam insulation
• Outer wall thickness – 1/8” aluminum sheet
• Shell floor: 3/16 diamond tread 1⁄4 inch series
• Standard truck flooring is 3/4” plywood or cold weather flooring using 1⁄4”cork sheeting with 5/8” plywood

Accessory Options

• “L” steel brackets for tool racks without air bags curb side
• 10K grease package with well head monitor for pressures
• Extra wall mount monitors optional


• Power control panel to facilitate all electrical and hydraulic controllers in one custom cabinet
• 30 Kw hydraulic generator selected for operational needs.


• Digital depth panels (Benchmark, Probe, FHE and 4G) are offered depending on the customers operational needs
• Drum rotation counter, RF/Stray current safety panel and intercom system, well-head monitor for pressure

Hoist Package

• 11 Welded Drum
• Funk 3 Speed Transmission w/ Planetary and 80 Motor
• Single Speed Direct Drive

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More information on the Crane Logger custom wireline truck.

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