SI 20 Setting Tool

The Synergy Setting Tools are machined using quality materials and all machining follows strict guidelines set by our ISO 9001 certification standards.

Each and every part is inspected 100% and is checked using specially ground gauges to ensure perfect assembly every time, no matter where.

All material certs, inspection data and Certificates of Conformance are kept on file for 5 years. Every piece of material that is supplied by Synergy Industries has 100% traceability and it can be tracked from the field all the way back to the mill that supplied it.

Synergy Industries is proud to introduce our new quality line-up of Wireline products. Setting Tools available: The SI-10, SI 20 and the SI Compact.

Additional information

Dimensions & Ratings

Max Temp: 400°
Max Press: 15,000 lbs.
Max OD: 3.8 in.
Min Csg/Tbg ID: 5.0 in.
Length: 74.5 in.
Max Csg/Tbg ID: N/A
Length with firing head: 81.84 in.
Weight w/o firing head: 148.00 lbs.
Maximum Setting Force: 55,000 lbs.

Borehole Conditions

Borehole Fluids: [x] Salt [x] Fresh [x] Oil [x] Air
Recommended Max. Loggin Speed: 30ft/mn
Tool Positioning: [ ] Centralized [ ] Eccentralized
Max. speed in well w/ plug/retainer attached: 200ft/mn

Manufacturers Statement

• Machined under strict ISO 9001 standards
• Custom ground thread and Go/No Go Gauges
• 100% inspection required
• All material certification, inspection data, and Conformance Certifications are kept on file for 5 years
• Synergy Industries promotes 100% serialized component traceability

Download SI-20 Setting Tool Data Sheet


More information on the SI-20 Setting Tool setting tools and accessories.

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